Welcome to Mamesoft


Hello. I developed some programs in Japan until 2014, but I finished developing new programs as Mamesoft. All programs in this page will never be updated forever. However, you can use and develop if you follow each software's license. My programs were released under the MIT License or Mamesoft Open License.


Swift Library, adding toDouble and toFloat method for String

Programs for SocketChat

SocketChat Client by C# (For Windows)
SocketChat SimpleClient by Swift
SocketChat Client by Swift (For OS X)
CommandSocketChat [Download App]
SocketChat Client on CommandLine by Java(JDK) 7
MailSocketChat [Download App]
SocketChat Client for E-Mail on CommandLine by Java(JDK) 7

Plugins for CraftBukkit

BukkitSocketChat (Plugin, Chat Server) [Detail (Download Page)]
Bukkit Plugin, adding to join real-time chat in game from the web
MultiDDNSPlugin[Download Plugin, Detail (Japanese)]
Bukkit Plugin, updating to DDNS Server.

The other

Mobile HighChat System
Mobile Plugin for 81chat(HighChat)